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The Colleges of the GEC Graduating Class of 2024

The GEC graduating class of 2024 will be attending 32 different colleges and universities.

This year’s graduating GEC class was always going to be special for me. As I write this post, our house is abuzz with activity in preparation for my oldest son Andrew’s high school graduation party which is being held tomorrow afternoon. Mixed in with all of the cooking, cleaning, and decorating is a sense of pride for the accomplishments of my son, and his classmates. This class included many seniors who have been uniquely connected to our family for much of our son’s life, having been classmates of his since kindergarten in some cases.

But in addition to these close family friends, this graduating class was exceptional in so many other ways. This year’s GEC graduating class:

  • Will be enrolling in 32 different colleges and universities,

  • Will be attending colleges that were at the top of their college lists with 88% of 2024 GEC graduates attending their top choice college,

  • Were admitted to more colleges than any other graduating GEC class we have ever seen, 

  • Features multiple first-generation college students, dozens of students who will be enrolling in their college’s honor programs/colleges, a Division 1 NCAA soccer player, multiple students who overcame significant mental and physical health challenges to realize their collegiate dreams, two sets of twins, two GEC students who will be roommates in college (a first for us), and most importantly to me, my amazing and creative oldest son who will be attending Belmont University to study marine biology.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2024. There are not enough words available to me to praise your path from starting high school in a global pandemic to today: courageous, resilient, inspirational, and powerful. Know that you will always have us in your corner, cheering you on as you go make your mark on this world.

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