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Welcoming Chris Ream to the GEC Family

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

When we started Golden Educational Consulting in 2015, our purpose, focus, and goal were to create a new, healthier way for families to navigate the college search process. Along this journey, we have been blessed to have met and worked with families from all over the world, all committed to guiding their teenagers through the great learning opportunity that is the college search. We have truly been overwhelmed with the response we have received, and we are humbled to report the growth we have seen in the past year has been amazing. As GEC families know well, personal attention is vital to what we do, and we never want our practice to get so big that it hinders the availability of our coaching for our students.

To help us continue to provide highly personalized attention to our families, I am beyond excited to announce that we are growing our practice with the hiring of Chris Ream as an Educational Consultant with Golden Educational Consulting.

I have been wanting to hire Chris for several years now as his background, perspective, and approach to college coaching is a perfect fit for our families. Chris brings over 10 years of experience in selective admissions and college counseling having served Vanderbilt and Duke Universities and the respected St. John’s School in Houston, Texas. More importantly to me though, is the fact that Chris “gets it” that the college search isn’t about the college; it is about the student, their hopes and ambitions, their confidence and happiness. We love that Chris is widely known and respected in the field of college admissions, so much so, that if you say his name to people in the field, it almost always brings a smile to their faces. That’s the kind of person he is.

"My work at Vanderbilt laid the foundation for my career in education, and Thom greeted me at the door the day I interviewed," said Chris.

"Almost 13 years later, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Thom (again!) and Bridget. I’m proud that they have placed their trust in me to guide students and families through the admissions process with GEC – a practice that I know is a labor of love for them. Their belief that the admissions process should be an avenue to self-discovery for students resonates strongly with me, and the knowledge and resources that GEC offers to students and families are incredible. I believe 100% in GEC’s philosophy and am ready to hit the ground running!"

Chris holds a Bachelor of Arts in history from TCU and lives in Durham, North Carolina with his wife Jillian and their twin daughters, Anna and Audrey.

I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Chris to the Golden Educational Consulting family and can’t wait to introduce our community to him.

-Dr. Thom

Welcome Chris Ream to the GEC Family!

Meet the Ream family, Chris, Jillian, Anna, and Audrey

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