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Being a Teenager Now

Do you wonder what it is like to be a teenager today? I mean, even if you have a teenager in your house it can still be a mystery. Like a moody black box that occasionally wants you to make them a sandwich. Sometimes wearing AirPods and jamming to unknown tunes.

And while we work with teenagers all day (and have 3 mostly teenagers in the Golden home) it takes some effort to stay in touch (or something approximating it). That’s why we appreciate student-submitted pieces like the New York Times put together entitled, What It’s Like to be a Teenager Now.

Here you will find essays, poems, art, film, comics, and even a video game all created by high school and middle school students from across the U.S. and Canada. They are stunning, and wonderful examples of how our wonderful young people continue to shine, even in challenging environments.

Take a moment and consider what it is like being a teenager today, not only to better understand the teens in your life, but to better understand how your own adolescence might contrast with this current, and amazing generation.

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