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Do You Know What it is Like to be a Teenager in 2023?

Photo Credit: Unsplash, Gaelle Marcel

What would happen if you asked your adolescent “What is it like to be a teenager in 2023?”

If your teen is anything like my three sons, they would probably shrug their annoyance at me, say “I dunno,” all the while upset that they had to take their AirPods out. Teens can be like that.

But what if you pressed them a little bit? What would they say?

Well the New York Times did just that in their annual release of contest winning artwork from teens all over the country responding to that very question. What you find here are true moment-capturing emotions relaying the excitement, ennui, and pain of growing up in our challenging times.

Take a moment and read through these amazing vignettes this weekend and consider for a moment how many of these perspectives might be shared by your own teen. Compare them to your own memories of adolescence and use it as a basis for better conversations with your teen through empathy.

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