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Celebrating Our Dads

As most people know (who read our blog and keep up with our social media), Thom and I have three sons. Our oldest is 16 and our twins are 13. They all have unique gifts and ways of seeing the world. They also all have unique ways of engaging with us, as their parents. It sounds trite, but we are blessed and grateful to be their parents.

Thom and Patrick (half of the 13-year old twins) are about to embark on a weeklong adventure to Florida Sea Base along with 7 other scouts and another adult leader (who happens to be an orthopedic which given our recent rate of casts, I find comforting.)

They leave early Sunday morning - Father’s Day. We are trying to start our celebration early and will continue when they return. When our oldest (now 16) was little, he called Mother’s Day “Yea Mommy Day!” and that title has stuck. They make a big deal (as they should) on Mother’s Day, but Thom also needs a lot of love on his day.

Thom’s dad, Bill, who was always the life of the party, died on his 66th birthday October 17, 2014. My dad, Ken Williams, died on November 11, 2019. I have joked that my dad got his money out of my English degree as his obituary was lengthy; Bill’s was also long. Writing can be therapy and obituary writing is a skill I didn’t knew I had.

So Father’s Day hits us with lots of emotions. Like many of you reading, I remember my dad and his advice with great fondness and admiration. My dad advised me through my entire life, college, grad school interviews, job changes, and more. He was there for me through school, dance competitions, show choir, breakups, growing up, studying, challenges, graduations, marrying my husband, the growth of our family.

Fathers Day is bittersweet in our home. We LOVE celebrating Thom - gosh, how could I have ever known this funny, quirky, brilliant guy I met during grad school interviews would be the best husband and father! We also miss Thom’s dad. It will be eight years in October that he’s been gone and it just doesn’t make sense (still).

Dads are a big deal.

I am excited to celebrate my husband this weekend. If you can, call your dad.

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